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Odoo CMS - a big picture

Count on us to deliver your IT services

Our solutions consolidate all information related to your infrastructure into a single pane and offer unparalleled visibility into your environment. Our service oriented approach ensures that we deliver what we promise and offer the same transparency for managed services by displaying metrics such as time to resolve (TTR), Mean time to resolution (MTTR), incident and change management history.

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Manage all virtual machines, baremetal instances through a single control panel no matter where they are hosted

Personalised Managed Services

Get support from our Systems and DevOps teams to ensure that your infrastructure is performing optimally at all times

Rapid Deployment

Painless deployment of applications, databases through a single pane of glass

Curated Catalogues

High quality templates for server applications readily available for deployment.

Cross Platform Management

Integrates with major cloud service providers and provides infrastructure and inventory management through a simplified control panel


Personal attention from specialists with extensive experience in cloud computing, clustering and DevOps.


Optimise databases, web farms, load balancers, databases and other infrastructure for best performance.


Protect your infrastructure by leaving it to our security team to manage and update all instances.


Connect your first server and take a test drive of our new control panel or sign-up for managed services.