Solution Enterprises is dedicated to designing and delivering complex IT solutions using Open source technologies to fulfill business needs and increased productivity and profitablity for our customers, consistently, reliably and in Time. To be a profit center for our clients, and enable our clients to focus on their core area of expertise and grow together.


Solution Enterprises is lead by Arun Tomar, An Entrepreneur/Technology evangelist/Solution Architect & Consultant with Deep expertise in designing and execution, for providing end to end solutions for Enterprises IT Infrastructure requirements.


Solution Enterprises was started in January 2007, with the intention of providing IT Consuting and Solutions to Enterprises and SME's using Free and Open Source Technologies. Since then, we've been providing Managed services and solutions to our clients in India and Globally. We were organically growing and increasing our team like any other IT support organization.

With the adoption cloud technologies, there were new challenges. To cater to the new challenges in hand, we turned to Automation and after evaluation, chose Chef as our primary platform.

Going forward, we are focusing our energies and efforts to Automate everything that we do, and hence, offer and delivery amazingly fast services and solutions to our clients, at a cost effective and affordable manner.